Johnson Group Partners is a full service real estate firm with real estate professionals who can help you through your home purchase process. Buyers who choose to have agents from Johnson Group Partners represent them, will be offered a rebate of up to 1% of the home’s purchase price. This can equate to thousands of dollars in savings on the home of your dreams.

 In majority of home sales (new construction or resale), the buyer does not pay the commission fees to have representation. The commission is offered by the seller, and can vary somewhat from one real estate transaction to the next. However, for the vast majority of properties in the greater Charlotte area, the commission is 3% and is paid for by the builder or seller of the real estate property. A portion of this fee back is given back to you, the buyer – it comes directly off your total cost at closing.

Here’s how the real estate rebate works:After one of our agents have conducted a buyer consultation, they will design a custom home search for you. After you have reviewed the listings, the agent will schedule a tour of all of the homes that most interest you. Once you have decided on a home or new construction community they will assist you with submitting a offer, inspections and closings.

Here is a example of a transaction: Stephen and Clair found three new construction communities that they are interested in, online. As they were exploring the area they discovered our firm. Clair completed the form below and one of our agents contacted her. The agent explained the rebate and answered some of the frequently asked questions. Clair and Stephen signed a buyer agreement and agreed to allow the agent to represent them. The agent accompanied Stephen and Clair during their tours of the model homes. When they made a decision on a 4bed home in Waxhaw NC for $315,000 with a commission offered from the builder to the buyer’s agent of 3% ($9,450). The agent at the time of the offer, provided both the onsite sales agent and the clients a copy of the rebate offer letter. They decided to use the preferred lender who covered their closing costs, the builder doesn’t have a design center therefore (with the approval of the lender) they could use the money towards buying down their lender points. Johnson Group Partners gave Stephen and Clair 1% of the $315,000 ($3,150) to use towards buying down lender points and it was reflected on the closing disclousure.