Our Core Team

Agency Relationship. It’s one of the most important partnerships you will ever form. And it will greatly affect your attitude and state of mind for the next few months – or until you come full circle with the process of selling or buying a home in the Greater Charlotte Area.

You’re about to select a agent with our firm. And you’ve come to the right place because with The Johnson Group Partners, you have found another kind of home.

You have found a home of team members who are very much like members of a family: united in purpose yet each different in their own way.

They are united in the goal of providing the very best customer experience, bar none. They are united in putting their customers’ needs at the forefront of everything they do. And they are united in their belief that customers deserve a comforting and knowledgeable advocate at their side.

They also are bound by a genuine love of real estate – people who view the process of buying and selling a home far more than a business transaction. It’s a very personal experience. And this is why The Johnson Group Partners excels at providing the personal touch.

Like members of a family, members of The Johnson Group Partners are different in gender and personality. So take your time and get to know each member of The Johnson Group Partners team. No matter whom you select as your real estate agent, you will form a partnership of purpose and spirit that will make you feel right at home.

Kristena Kay


Kristena’s success is a direct reflection of her hard work ethic, involvement in the community, and her loyalty and passion for real estate and staying educated in this ever-changing Charlotte market. A constant pattern seen in Kristena’s success is from her repeat high profile clientele who can trust Kristena and can rely on her to find off market properties often times before they hit the market & keep sales confidential when necessary. 
But perhaps most noteworthy is Kristena’s boundless energy for work and for exceptional client communication and service. Her attentive, hands-on style and laser-focus on details continue to keep her at the forefront of the market.