Although this is not a common practice, real estate agents offering a portion of their commission as a rebate, we are excited to help our buyers with the purchase of their dream home. Please do not assume that ALL real estate agents will provide this type of rebate. In a effort to help you better understand the process, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What if I don’t use all of the 1%? Although we would like to “give” you excess money, unfortunately we are unable to do that per the law. The real estate commission will not allow us to give money to anyone that is not licensed and your lender will need proof of the amount rebated to be shown on the HUD statement. Additionally, you can ONLY choose to use the money towards: closing costs, buying down lender points OR design centers. If there is a difference between the final cost and the rebate, the buyer will be responsible for the difference.

Why can’t I use the money towards my downpayment? Most lenders will tell you that you can only be gifted funds towards down payment from a relative. Also, the lender will ask you to sign a document saying that your real estate agent DID NOT gift you any money for down payments in a effort to help you acquire the home. More Information Here

What happens if my lender won’t allow the rebate? Every lender and bank are different and have different requirements and rules. If you are currently working with a lender who does not allow the rebate to be given, we have a few preferred lenders who can assist you.

What I am working with another real estate agent? Not every broker is willing to negotiate their commission and they may find it disheartening that you will ask for a portion of their commission after they have worked diligently on your behalf. Therefore, if you have signed a buyer agency agreement with your current broker, we discourage you from terminating that agreement. If your broker has agreed to release you from that agreement, you are welcome to work with one of our agents.

What if I decide to visit a community and begin working with a onsite sales agent? Most likely the onsite sales agent works for the builder, therefore they do not represent you. It is important to have someone advocating for your best interests. Having no representation will not guarantee that you will save money when purchasing your home. If you have a relationship with a onsite sales agent, we can still intervene. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have established and in most cases the onsite agent is excited to know that you have someone working for you.

Can I tour homesites without a agent? You are welcome to tour homesites without a agent present, HOWEVER be sure to share that you are working with Johnson Group Partners. You are also welcome to visit open houses without a agent from our firm as long as you share that you are working with a agent. In most cases you will not be able to access any resale homes without a agent.

What if I already signed a Offer To Purchase or New Builder Contract? Unfortunately, you would be beyond the negotiating period and the builder or owner of the property will not allow us to change the terms of the initial contract.

Can the 1% be used towards appliances? Yes, ONLY if they are considered a design upgrade offered by the builder. Appliances that are not offered through the builder will not qualify for the rebate.

Is this legal? Yes, although this type of broker rebate is uncommon it is NOT illegal for the buyer to negotiate commission rebates with their agents.

What builders does your firm work with? We have relationships with over 40 builders and 100 on site sales agents. Once you decide on your top three builders, your agent will call the onsite agent to schedule a private meeting and obtain details about their product. Your rebate can be applied to a speck home or a to-be-built home.

What if I prefer a resale property? We will work with the sellers agent on the property of your choice to apply the rebate. The rebate will be presented as a part of your offer.