Relocating to Charlotte Metro

How to Relocate to a New City with Children

As if moving isn’t already hard enough, adding your children into the mix can present a whole new challenge. Kids are resilient, but major changes like big moves can be difficult to work through if children aren’t prepared. Depending on their age, your children may be leaving behind a school, friends, and activities that they’ve grown to love. Instead of throwing them in the deep end, consider helping them get their moving feet wet with these steps.  1. Talk to your children about your move as soon as it becomes a possibility. Once you’ve decided to move, the first thing

Top Tips for Settling into Your New Home in Charlotte NC

Moving into a new home? We know how exciting it can be! We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do after your move to make sure your experience is comfortable. The hardest part of a move is getting settled in, after that, you just need to handle a few loose ends that sometimes get forgotten about until the last minute. CHECK MAJOR APPLIANCES Be sure to check all the appliances to ensure everything is still in working order after the move. You want to make sure nothing was broken in the move or stopped working suddenly. Look

What to Pack For Your First Night in Your New Home

You just finished unloading the final box from the moving truck, and now you’re officially moved into your new home! You go to take a shower to wash off the day, only to realize you don’t have a shower curtain. After spending a full day moving into a new home, the last thing you are going to want to do is to dig through all of your unopened boxes to find an outfit or a charger (or even a shower curtain). The next time you’re moving, create a ‘first night box’ so that your essentials aren’t hidden at the bottom

Living in Charlotte Metro and Fort Mill, SC

Gated Communities in Charlotte NC area.

Are you looking for a gated community in Charlotte NC, Huntersville NC, Davidson NC, Mooresville NC, Denver NC, Belmont NC or Cornelius NC? One of our knowledgeable agents can show you homes for sale in the best-gated communities in the Charlotte NC area.

Various Types of Homes

Searching for a new home can be so many things: exciting, daunting, inspiring, bewildering… Yes, very bewildering at times. Throughout your search, you’ll likely hear countless home architecture terms you’ve heard of, but only on HGTV: As the perky couples travel from home to home with their jovial tv real estate agent – looking at this Victorian or that Tudor – you nod and smile approvingly at your television. You may even think to yourself, what a lovely Tudor or, you should definitely buy that charming Victorian! But despite your grin, you’re probably not quite sure how to spot the difference between a

Beautiful Communities with Pools in Charlotte NC

Have you always dreamed of living in a community with a pool? You’re not alone. Charlotte has a lot of wonderful things: access to South Carolina, the beach, the mountains, family activities just to name a few. But if you’ve been house hunting for a while, you’ve probably realized that finding an amazing home with a pool in Charlotte NC or Fort Mill SC isn’t all that easy. They’re much more popular in Charlotte’s mansions will cost more than most people can afford. So if you have no plans to move into a mansion or luxury home and don’t have $10

Buying A Home

What is a Residential Property Disclosure when Buying a Home

When selling your home, you’re obligated by law to disclose certain information about your property. Most states require that all sellers complete a written property disclosure form. A majority of the forms have a required set of questions that must be answered.  THE BASICS Most states require sellers to complete this form when listing for sale. Nearly all of the questions are a basic yes/no/unknown response. The questions will address material facts, major defects, special disclosures, and federal disclosures. All forms vary by state and require different information.  MATERIAL FACTS These include the age of the property, its condition, known

The Seller Rejected My Offer, What Next?

Finding the right home is a serious process. Just like any other long term commitment, you’ve likely spent a great deal of time finding a home that you love and can picture yourself spending your life in. So what happens when you think you’ve found the right one but the seller rejects your offer? Here are 3 ways to deal with losing out on the home you had your heart set on. 1. Don’t obsess over the seller. It is natural to want to know why your offer was rejected and you may want to start to ask questions about

5 Must-Dos Before Buying a House in South Carolina or North Carolina

If you’re ready to begin the journey of homeownership, it is important to cross a few items off of your to-do list before hunting for the perfect house. Buying a home is a process, and you want to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few steps to take that will get you ready to buy a home. 1. Get your money straight. A year to six months before you begin the buying process, find a lender and have them pull your credit. This will give you insight into what you expect and what you may need to mend

Financing Your Dream Home

How to Prepare to Buy a Home This Year

If 2020 is the year for you to buy a home, consider making these 5 New Year’s resolutions to help you be as prepared as possible to become a homeowner. 1. Cut down on monthly subscriptions. With each month, there is a new subscription service out there. What starts as convenience turns into an endless list of subscriptions that we often don’t use enough to justify the costs. Sit down and go through your monthly/yearly subscriptions and cancel whatever you don’t use. Set aside that extra money with the rest of your savings so your down payment can continue to

Why Your Loan Officer Is Checking Your Credit Before Closing

You’ve found your dream home. After months of searching, you’re finally closing on the house that you’ve wanted for so long. The last thing you want to do is take any action that would interfere with the closing of your home. Since the start of your home search, your agent has probably told you time and time again not to do anything that would impact your credit score, like opening a new line of credit or making a large purchase. While this makes sense during the approval process, you may wonder why it is key to keep your credit in

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Home Loan

If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you’re likely realizing that one of the most important parts of the process is getting approved for a mortgage that works for you. To get the best rate and avoid losing your deposit, steer clear of these common mistakes. Leaving out details from your financial profile. The best way to avoid doing this is by having a great mortgage lender. Making sure you include not only your basic information, employment, and living history, income, assets, and debts, but also ensuring you answer every single question. Leaving details out of your profile can

Sell Your Home

Why Didn’t My Home Sell as Fast as my Neighbors?

Are you ready to sell your home and want it to have a great first impression on the market? Or maybe your home has been listed for a few weeks or months, and you can’t figure out why it won’t sell, even though you know your agent is working hard to market it? We’ve listed below the top 6 reasons your home may not make a good impression and end up stagnant on the market. 1. IT’S OVERPRICED To be clear, an overpriced home is the #1 reason a home won’t sell. We oftentimes want our homes to be worth

Make Your Home Stand Out In the Charlotte Market

As May comes to a close, school ends and the summer officially begins, that means one important thing – the home-selling season is upon us. With the kids home from school and vacation time accumulated, both buyers and sellers are ready to enter the market as the weather heats up. As the market begins to grow, you may wonder how to make sure your home stands out among all the others trying to sell during the summer months. Here are a few tips to make sure you can catch the eye of potential buyers during busy season! 1. Tour Other

What To Expect After Listing Your Home For Sale in Charlotte NC

After all of the preparation required to list your home, you are probably ready to relax and wait for offers. While most of the hard work is done, it is important to keep in mind things that you may run into during the sale process. As you begin to welcome potential buyers into your home, here are a few things to expect now that your home is listed! 1. You might feel like you live in a museum. You may have spent a great deal of time cleaning and decluttering, but now you are going to need to maintain that

Real Estate Agents

Preparing a Home for an Open House

As a broker, listing a home can feel like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t. It is our job as agents to walk you through every step, including your open house. We are going to give you all the tools we have to ensure that your home has the most potential to sell when someone walks through the front door. Your open house is the best place to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. While online listings can provide a glimpse into what your house looks like, buyers are able to really see if your house feels like a

4 tips for working with buyers in the Charlotte Metro market during this pandemic

Tips for working with buyers 1. Keep in close contact Stay in touch with your buyers and their lender to keep tabs on industry reaction to the pandemic. Make sure they (and you) are following recommended COVID-19 protocols. Be honest with your clients about your comfort level of showing homes and the increased safety precautions you wish to take if you tour so they know what to expect. Prioritize decisions regarding your (and your family’s) health and welfare above all else.  2. Discuss pros and cons Have discussions with your clients about the many pros and cons of visiting homes in person during

Online House Hunting vs A Real Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC

With the influx of new technology and web-based solutions, it isn’t a surprise that everything is moving fast into the era of the internet. From sites like Uber to Grubhub, we generally can pull up our phones or laptops to order what we want with ease. With every industry being revolutionized by technology, the same methods are “attempting” to be applied to the real estate industry.  We could all agree that the simplification of the process through paperwork would be much appreciated by agents and buyers/sellers alike, but the attempt of replacing the agent by sites like Zillow and other third

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