Weddington, NC is located in Union County about 15 miles southeast of downtown Charlotte. Weddington covers approximately 15 square miles and is comprised of mainly low-density single-family housing- with a focus on large, wooded lots. With a population of approximately 8,500, Weddington has the atmosphere of a small town and a quality of life. Most homebuyers are drawn to the natural environment and close-knit community structure that characterize this unique area.

Family farms, two lane roads and a “long drive” to Charlotte were the norm. But with the 1970’s and Charlotte’s growth, it wasn’t  long before farmlands would begin giving way to new subdivisions and those two lane, farm to market roads carried increased traffic.  Farming equipment and tractors were replaced by SUVs and “Beamers”.

Weddington was no stranger to this new growth, but something was different here, the residents were proud of their rural atmosphere and “down home” feel.  The leaders of the community wanted to ensure the things which made Weddington unique were preserved for the future, and with the prospect of possible annexation by the City of Charlotte looming, local residents took action.  


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